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How did you get an opportunity to work in Kabali?
We had earlier worked with director Ranjith in Madras, he rang up and informed me that we had signed up for a new project and that it is a big one this time. When I asked him about the Hero, he just replied stating that it is going to be a huge project and didn’t mention names initially.

How did you prepare for the stunt scenes in Kabali?
As far as preparing for stunt scenes go, I first read the script and then plan the scene accordingly. It was the same for Kabali too, I had many discussions with Dir. Ranjith and I had informed him of my requirements.

How did you get stunt artists for this movie?
We made use of Indian stunt artists all through the movie, it is only for the Malaysian portions did we bring in Malaysian artists as those required a touch of nativity to go along with it.

How was it working with the Superstar himself?
It was quite a challenge to work on stunts in superstar’s movie, when we met him for the first time he appreciated our stunts in the movie ‘Madras’ and he said that it felt lively. He wanted similar lively stunts in Kabali.

What did Rajini say after watching your stunts?
Once the stunt scenes were executed he saw the rushes of the same, we were worried about what he might tell us, but then he came out and appreciated us and told the director that we had done a good job. We were quite happy post that, we would like to thank director Ranjith for the opportunity.

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