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Mersal Music Review vijay aalaporaan thamizha, aala poraan thamizhan, kailash kher
Mersal Music Review

So much of anticipations filling up the towns over the past few days and here come the single track ‘Aala poraan Thamizhan’ from Mersal. AR Rahman has composed the song and Vivek has penned the lyrics with Kailash Kher, Sathya Prakash and A.V. Pooja crooning it.

Aalaporaan Thamizhan

Singers: Kailash Kher, Sathya Prakash, A.V. Pooja
Lyrics: Vivek

There happens to be a usual paradigm where AR Rahman songs would let us addict after constant hearings. But this one is a strong exception as we get imbibed to the number for the first time itself. AR Rahman’s intention is very clear here as he doesn’t let the instrumentals dominate the voices anywhere. The song gets us into the ambience of ‘Veera Pandiya Kottaiyile’, ‘Ballelekka’ and many more off such illustrations from Madras Mozart.

Moreover, after a long time, we get to hear a full-fledged Rahman flavour in the interludes with flutes, strings and chorus and heavy percussions.

Vivek has done a justifying job with his lyrics and AR Rahman realizing the importance of every phrase has made an impactful score.

2. Neethanae

Singers: AR Rahman, Shreya Ghoshal
Lyrics: Vivek

Having stormed up the world of music through the single track ‘Aalaporaan Thamizhan’, Mersal brings you up for yet another reason to celebrate. The second single track titled ‘Neethanae’ has finally swayed up into the stores to mesmerize us. In fact, the teaser that was launched before few hours with the clear affirmation of singers – AR Rahman and Shreya Ghoshal had beautified our predictions that a sure melodious treat is there to enthrall us all.

Let us have a look on what’s so special and how uniquely splendiferous is this song.

When it comes to melodious genres, AR Rahman makes sure of maintaining a proper balance between the vocalisms and instrumentals. This has been intriguingly substantial reason why his melodies keep haunting us for ages and ages.

The song starts with the melodic voice of Shreya Ghoshal with fortepianos followed by the mild beats with the orchestral strings silently played on accompaniment. The dual vocalisms of AR Rahman are so much poisonous. The Veena works that comes by the first interlude is so much serene and this is something new to the stores of AR Rahman, where this combination wasn’t heard before.

Just play the karaoke and you can sense the Shreya Ghoshal ‘Jessie’ Theme and in some places with the interludes of ‘Hosanna’ as well, but only to a certain minutest degree. The sudden transition to the Qawali styled vocalism of AR Rahman by second interlude is enjoyable.

Undoubtedly, the song is going to be a much celebrated melodious treat from AR Rahman and will top the charts, especially with the visuals.

The simplistic lyrics by Vivek would easily get into the senses that will let us render along with the song in a short span of time.


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