100 cuts and U for Mayanginen Thayanginen

Mayanginen Thayanginen is the upcoming romantic film helmed by Vendhan.  Makers of Mayanginen Thayanginen recently submitted the film for the censor formalities and were advised to have 100 cuts for the U certificate.
The movie Vendhan’s Mayanginen Thayanginen are all set for release on 1 June. However he was in for a shock when the movie was censored as the film was given 100 cuts by the Regional Censor Officials. When asked the director, ‘the movie harps on the need to treat mentally-challenged with care. Also there is a romance in between. Unfortunately there were some 100 cuts suggested by them. Some action scenes and romantic scenes have been cut now. We obliged to their orders since we felt that those cuts won’t hamper the flow of the film’.
Starring Nitin Satya and Disha Pandey in the lead roles, the movie is set in Chennai and Nitin Satyaa plays a call taxi driver. Dharun Sathriya is also in the cast. MayanginenThayanginen is said to be an unusual love story. The other cast includes Ganja Karuppu, Pawan, Tejashree, Ajai Rathnam and Bala. Rameswaran is the camera person. Kannan, the music composer. The film is getting ready for release on June 1.