5 highlighting traits of Sibiraj starrer Sathya

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 5 highlighting traits of Sibiraj starrer Sathya

A heavy punch of positivity prevails over the release of Sathya much prior to its release. Pradeep Krishnamoorthy of Vijay Antony’s Saithan fame has directed this film with Sibiraj, Remya Nambeesan and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar seen in lead roles. We bring you 5 highlights of this Sibiraj starrer Sathya, which will definitely add its Midas-touch to the film.


1.      Plethora of edge-seated moments


Naturally, this happens to be the most essential element in a thriller movie.  The edge-seated moments is what people precisely look out for. No doubt! Sathya will offer them in plethora and there are going to be more moments than you think.


2.      Every characterization with unique shades


Thriller movies usually demands for characterizations with unique shades. Sathya has strong characterizations, which will keep you on high guesses of what could be their real identities. Be it Remya Nambeesan or Anand Raj, you’ll be hooked up with lots of mysteries revolving around them.


3.      Emotions conveyed through music


When emotions become music, it instantly takes you into its own world. Such will be background score of Simon K King. Everyone is aware about the splendid ‘Yavanna’, which has carved a niche and rest of the songs too have made it more successful. The background score will be much more engrossing elevating the screenplay’s raciness.


4.      The Theory of ‘Content is King’ proved again


The entire team has banked its hope on the theory ‘Content is King’. This has been proved many times throughout this year. Films with best contents have barged into the doors of attention. Significantly, Sathya will get its toast of celebrations based on such reception among audiences.


5.      The technical brilliance emblazoning the narrative stroke


When there is a strong plot and substantial narration, what would make it more appealing is the technical emblazonment. The visual promos have evidently given a strong impression that it’s going to be a much technically strong movie.