5 special things that you should know about Richie

Nivin Pauly has his first ever direct release in Tamil titled ‘Richie’, which is hitting screens on this Friday. Gautham Ramachandran, a former associate of Rajeev Menon is directing this film. The film also features Natraj Subramaniam, Shraddha Srinath, Lakshmi and Prakash Raj in important roles.

Kolly Buzz brings you 5 special things that you should know about the film.


The hyperlink narration


Hyperlink stories are becoming very much familiar in Tamil cinema. It all started before decade in Kollywood through Maniratnam’s Aayutha Ezhuthu and Kamal Haasan’s Virumaandi. This film will traverse through a same incident from different perspectives.


Nivin Pauly’s challenging attempt


Anyone coming down from God’s own country might rethink twice to dub in their own voice with a language that they are not completely fluent with. But Nivin Pauly took a challenging attempt of dubbing in his own voice.


Don’t expect a ‘Premam’ Nivin Pauly


It could be a surprise or a mere shock to Nivin Pauly fans, especially for the ones, who fell in awe over his romantic avatar in Premam. This isn’t going to be a romantic film for the actor, but much more unconventional than you think. Although, you get to see Nivin Pauly and Shraddha Srinath together in few shots of trailer, it will be something different from what you think.


Live-recording of ‘Puli Aattam’ song


It’s a culture out here in Southern part of Tamil Nadu, where Puli Aattam (Tiger Dance) is considered to be the ethnical ingredient. This film brings the Live sound recording of real life Tiger Dance instrumentalists. It will be occurring during crucial parts of the film.


Who’s baddie and goodie – An unresolved puzzle?


This is something that you should go watch by yourself in the theatres till the end to find out. There are lots of surprises awaited with the final episode of this film.