actress Sridevi death caused by accidental drowning, Sridevi death

Actress Sridevi death caused by accidental drowning

Sridevi breathing her last has been the most saddening thing that entire country is going through. While Anil Kapoor’s residence out there in Mumbai is flooded with relatives, family friends and film personalities to receive her mortal remains, it got delayed. This is all because of the prolonging process of autopsy in Gulf. Finally, the reports have claimed that the cause of death was ‘Accidental Drowning’. It was on Saturday night, she happened to attend the wedding party of her close relative.

She went into her hotel room for refreshment. With the actress not opening the bathroom for nearly 15 minutes and there was no signs of response to the family’s call; they broke open the door to see her lying unconscious. She was later rushed to hospital, where she was declared dead.

Actress Sridevi (54) had been actively involved in Indian film industry for the past 50 years.