After Love And Bar Its Death
After Love And Bar Its Death
After Love And Bar Its Death
After Love And Bar Its Death.

We have already heard of Bar Anthem, Love Anthem and Sachin Anthem. This have now lead to the death anthem now. Yes, the director who creates a buzz with the titles like Tamizh Padam is now doing his “Rendavathu Padam”.

C.S.Amudhan’s Thought :

When queried on this with C.S.Amudhan “We have come up with this idea for a prominent death sequence in the film. The song is yet to be recorded. We are planning to look for a peculiar voice to sing the song. The song involves a lot of chorus singers. Death is mysterious but it explains the actual meaning of life. It reminds us that nothing is permanent in this world. So, in the current trend of anthems, this can be called a death anthem”

Madhan Karky Roped In :

Lyric Engineer, Madhan Karky has been roped in to pen the lyrics for this unusual song. He says, “It is just a 30-second song. Writing lyrics for it was actually challenging as the song is about death. On a lighter note, we were discussing that the song might be called a death anthem when released and director Amudhan liked the idea.”

We hope that the teaser may be used as the promo video for movie, as it can even create more hype on the movie.