Is Jai’s intention in Balloon to attract Ajith-Vijay fans?

Is attracting Ajith-Vijay fans the intention of ‘Balloon’ team?

Balloon starring Jai, Anjali, Janai is being directed by Sinish. Few things instantly strike our mind while watching both Balloon teaser and trailer. The teaser had Jai making a rip-off act from Vijay’s Kaththi. Apparently, the trailer that was released recently gets us ‘Vedalam’ actor of Ajith Kumar. It is quite disappointing to see that huge money is invested by producers based on the contents, Star values and Technicians. Moreover, some films have predominantly proved that ‘Content is King’. But what we get to see in both the trailer and teaser is Jai trying to bring in the Ajith Kumar-Vijay factor.

Of course, the makers would have labeled the film as ‘Horror-Thriller’, but we can sense it from the trailer that ‘Comedy’ elements are inserted through witty lines of Yogi Babu and few other characters. It might seem like a blind guess indeed. Even there could be questions rising how we can judge a film based in its trailer. But a trailer is a sample of what the entire film is all about right? Nevertheless, the real ‘Horror-Thriller’ genre movies like Yaavarum Nalam, Eeram, Pizza or even the recent release ‘Aval’ didn’t possess such traits though he sparkled smile with spine-chilling moments.

Anyways, let us hope, the feature film offers something different and unique to the audiences in big screens.