Audio Label steals royaltyWho is Nagging Who??!!- The War between the Music creators and Music distributors is out breaking!

“There is a format in Tamil film industry where the musicians and lyricists will get the royalty for their songs, but now some audio companies stealing it in the name of distribution and agreement on audio rights”
These are the strong words opted by the Emerging Music Director G.V. Prakash Kumar. He burst out his pain in twitter on this issue and guess what, he found huge amount of support from his colleagues.
Recently a young talented national award winning celebrity uploaded the teaser of his upcoming movie (for his fans via twitter) but the audio rights holders blocked the video. The celebrity expressed his despondent towards the blocking on twitter and in response to this; the actor introduced his own Audio Label.

Some well known audio company which is huge in the celluloid market is not allowing even the director or the producer to release any of their songs or video clips. The albums which they sign the rights with are getting leaked easily on many online portals prior to the audio release but no one has a clue on how this is happening. An audio company only has the rights to grant\deny permissions to the songs of the album, but it seems few are trying to break the agreement and claiming that the songs, teaser and trailer of a movie are also their assets. They focus in representing themselves to the public with the songs and video then promoting the movie itself.
GV is the first musician who brought this issue to the limelight and suddenly he got support from his fellow musician Vijay Antony. He was even backed strongly by Director Venkat Prabhu, Lyricist Madhan Karky, and Editor Praveen. Even some PRO’s who are suffering from this are also ready to raise their voice along with GV.

GV has promised that he will release the fake agreements via twitter and we are sure that he will get enough support in infinite number. If the creators are going to die so as the music, so let us believe that this issue will be addressed properly in an appropriate place and bring the justice along with the royalty to the creators.