Aval will be much better than Hollywood horror flicks – Siddharth

“Aval will be much better than Korean and Hollywood horror flicks” – Siddharth

Siddharth keeps his champagnes ready to be popped up now. With just four more days left for Aval to hit screens, he spreads out the positive vibes about movies. A positive film about a horror tale – sounds hypothetical in sense right? Perhaps, a confidence that keeps him firm that our spines will be chilled with unlimited scariness… Shedding lights on Aval and its exceptionally unconventional horror elements Sid says, “Aval will be much better than Korean and Hollywood horror flicks.”

The reason he staples is an attention-grabbing fact that every supernatural element in this flick would be explained in spiritual and scientific agenda. Of course, we have witnessed horror tales find the exorcism through priests and rituals. But here, Siddharth utters that it would be something different. Milind Rau and Siddarth have seemingly gone through whole lots of fine-tunings as they didn’t want humour to make a hugger-mugger sneak.