bigg boss day 44 highlights
Bigg Boss – Day 44 Highlights

Big Boss Day 44 has been literally a changing phase at the house. The contestants do look slightly stuck in last week happenings. It looks like Big Boss wanted to bring the contestants out of such bleak scenarios. They are asked to perform ‘Laundry Services’ divided into 2 groups with 4 contestants in each group. In fact, they are supposed to cook separately for their team and not to share each other team’s food.

bigg boss day 44 highlights
Sakthi and Bindu Madhavi have been assigned as the Quality Control officers while others are to dry clean them.

Snehan jocularly adds that after going outside the house, he doesn’t care even if no one gives him offer to write lyrics. He would go on starting off with dry cleaning service.

Vaiyapuri has started off his soliloquy of lamenting hilariously about each person especially Ganesh Venkataraman, Sakthi and Gayathri that they are selfish.

The entire team is hilariously taking on Ganesh Venkataraman’s fascination and selfishness over food.

Sakthi and Gayathri share witty lines referring the current situation in house as Director Visu’s ‘Samsaram Adhu Minsaram’. The greatest humour from Sakthi’s takes on Ganesh Venkataraman and Snehan as Visu and Raghuvaran.

Gayathri suddenly becomes suddenly gloomy saying that she would be getting eliminated this week and Sakthi denies her prediction saying that she will be staying in Big Boss House for a long time.