Celebrities come in support of financier producer Anbu Chezhian

Celebrities come in support of financier-producer Anbu Chezhian

Recently, many from the film industry came together in support of producer-financier Anbu Chezhian. Actress Devayani was present there saying that he was so much helpful at any time. He is so much goodhearted that he comes forward to help even without looking the face.

Actor-producer-director Manobala shared that he had a talk with Anbu Chezhian for 2 days regarding the finance for the film ‘Sathuranga Vettai’. He was called to the office. He was pleasantly shocked to receive the cash that was ready. He was so kind.

Suresh Kamatchi explained that there are financiers who help with money during the release. Vasan of Vasan Brothers explained that finance is not the only reason for the grim situation. Other factors like the failure of films also play strong parts.

Subbu Panchu Arunachalam spoke well about Anbu and his long association with him. There were never any harsh exchanges regarding delays in payment.

Music Director-actor-producer Vijay Antony also shared his experience. Anbu lent him the money for Antony’s film production. He has been getting loans and repaying over the last 6 years!

Producer Thanu informed that he was ready to produce a movie to help Ashok Kumar’s family. However, he would prefer Anbu Chezhian should return to the film industry and help the producers.

Other, including director-actor-producer Rajakumaran (Devayani’s husband), Producer Elred Kumar, etc., spoke in support of Anbu Chezhian.