Dhanshika gets a big support from Sripriya

Dhanshika gets a big support from Sripriya

Yesteryear heroine and veteran actor Sripriya has offered an encouraging advice to actor Dhanshika.

Rajendar spoke about Dhanshika in a terribly offensive manner on the stage during the press meet of the film ‘Vizhithiru’. She was so much upset that she started crying on the stage. Now, the controversy has blown up out of proportion.

Several Film industry personnel including actor Vishal have raised their voices against T. Rajendar. In her observation on this, veteran actor Sripriya mentioned on her Twitter Page:

“My dear Dhanshika! You have just encountered a violent retort for none of your faults. It was just a case of a lapse of forgetting. It is rather very unfortunate that certain people are still not aware of the fact that it is far more important to behave decently and courteously with ladies than what is called ‘stage manners’!

It is even more outrageous when two so-called gents are laughing while a female star is unnecessarily bullied and disrespected. Do not at all cry for this – Dhansika! You have a winning smile! Keep it up!”