Director Bharathiraja to release his movies in DTH:

Even after many threatens Kamal still stands on his decision that Vishwaroopam will be releasing in DTH. Now ace director Bharathiraja has appreciated Kamal Haasan’s idea on releasing Vishwaroopam in DTH.

Recently he came out with his views on Kamal’s plans when he recently visited Palani Murugan temple with his family. He states “My movie Annakodium Kodiveeranum movie is in completion stage and now the audio release event has been planned to be hosted in Madurai. Kamal Haasan’s plan on screening his movie Vishwaroopam in DTH is really a innovative idea and its really welcomed and appreciated one. Every new technology has to be welcomed by us. In future even i will be taking steps to release my movies in DTH”.

Bharathiraja’s son Manoj says: “I have done a role of a villain which is really of a different kind. I’ve even joined Shantanu for his movie ‘Vaaimai’, he adds.”