Ajith, Vijay, Suriya rejected in different ways - Suseenthiran

“Ajith, Vijay, Suriya rejected in different ways” – Suseenthiran

Filmmaker Suseenthiran has kept his upcoming film ‘Nenjil Thunivirundhal’ ready for release now. He was supposed to get the movie hit screens for festive occasion of Diwali, but it eventually got postponed to November 10. “I was hopeful to release the movie for Diwali, but couldn’t make it due to insufficient support to accomplish with it,” said Suseenthiran.

This interaction all happened during the meet and greet occasion among Suseenthiran and media journalists. Filmmaker Suseenthiran recollected some of the nostalgic moments adhered to his Diwali occasions.

“1991 happens to be one of my unforgettable Diwali festivals. I still remember the time, when I rode bicycle along with my friend to watch Rajinikanth’s Thalapathy. I got my legs injured while riding faster and it was already 30 minutes the show started. Still, I just rushed with my high energy into theatres and watched the movie,” said Suseenthiran.

I could take a sigh of elation through Vennila Kabali Kulu

The Nenjil Thunivirundhal director continued to add, “There have been few Diwali occasions, where I tried skipping my visits to home town. It was due to my inability to make into film industry. I used to feel humiliated when everyone used to ask me when you are making a film. Finally, I could take a sigh of elation through Vennila Kabali Kulu. It was only during this year, I could make my way to home and celebrate wholeheartedly. But things didn’t continue to be picture-perfect every Diwali. Till the midnight of one particular Diwali, cinematographer Madhi and I were doubtful whether Pandiya Nadu would release next day. But the film managed to make a decent win in box office in spite of big releases like Arrambam had released for the same festive occasion.”

The interaction with journalists continued and one among them questioned about working with Ajith Kumar, Vijay and Suriya. “Don’t ask me why I am not working with them. It’s up to them to decide. Ajith Kumar, Vijay and Suriya rejected me in different ways. I narrated a story to Suriya and he didn’t like it. Vijay didn’t have time to listen my script and Ajith Kumar was not reachable at all,” hilariously commented Suseenthiran.

My upcoming film ‘Angelina’ is again a female centric film

“Why don’t you make female centric films?” this was another question that was put upon him.  “One of my previous films Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer was almost like a female centric film. It was a story that was travelling through a woman’s perspective. My upcoming film ‘Angelina’ is again a female centric film,” humbly answered the director.

Getting to speak about working on sequels, “I usually don’t prefer making sequels. This is because; the amount of energy spent on crafting a character in-depth would be missed. But then, if situation really demands, I would go for Pandiya Nadu 2.”

There was yet another statement to mark upon Adult-Comedies, which are regarded as contemporary trends. “Adult-Comedy films have happened at times from the past. But this genre of movies will eventually vanish into nothing after some point of time. It is good movies that will remain close to heart for years and years,” concluded Suseenthiran.