Actress Hansika Denies Weight loss, while she is going full steam on the career front. With several movies in her kitty ­ Settai, Singham 2 and Vettai Mannan -she might just be the most sought after actress in Kollywood. So while the rumour mills are running over time with stories of her going to the US to undergo a drastic weight reduction programme, .

She vehemently denies the alleged reports, saying, “I don’t even know how and where these rumors start. I have quite a few movies lined up and my schedule is jam-packed. I can’t take a break for even a few days and go anywhere, forget the US!“ Currently shooting at Binny Mills, Hansika responds to the criticism about her weight.

“People like me and accept me the way I am. Yes, I want to remain fit, but size zero is a big no no. I am just like any other 21year-old who is bubbly and chubby, and living a normal life. If you see me on and off screen, I look the same. I don’t want to drastically lose weight. “ Quiz her about having to get into shape and shed a few kilos for her role in Singham 2, and she replies, “I will start shooting for Singham 2 from August, and I want to be as fit as I can but losing weight has nothing to do with my films.
The audience here enjoys my movies and appreciates my work. I’m doing as many movies as I can here. It’s really upsetting to hear all these rumours.“ Says our bubbly and chubby actress Hansika Motwani