i-am-disppointed-with-gv-prakashPopular Rapper, Dinesh Kanagaratnam who started of his career with his music album Aaryan is also called as Aaryan Dinesh. He is well known for his song in ‘Magudi Magudi’ under AR.Rahman’s composition and also worked for Oru Chinna Thamarai  (Vettaikaran), Aathichudi (TN 07 AL 4777) and has also sung the song ‘Gala Gala’ in Race Gurram (Telugu). Dinesh has posted on his facebook page that G.V.Prakash has stole his lyrics for Naan Sigappu Manithan.

Below is the announcement made by Dinesh:

I am an artiste with morals and self dignity, I am not scared to speak the truth rather than being a cowered. I am extremely disappointed with so called music composer Mr. G.V.Prakash for violating my lyrical content and this should be stopped as many singers, rappers or performers keep their mouth shut when it happens. I am disappointed with G.V.Prakash for few things, 

1. Called me asking to work on a full song and tune for a movie.
2. Selecting one of my brand new song to be used in the movie with changes.
3. Then telling me the Director Didn’t like the song!!!!
4. Then not informing me my vocals and lyrics was used in some song.
5. When I message I get this reply, since you wanted an opportunity we have used your vocals and lyrics and made me say thank you!
6. When the song is released I see, My lyrics has been used crediting Na Muthukumar Sir (No Disrespect to you sir) and crediting my name for vocals
7. Then when I hear the song… THAT VOICE DOES NOT BELONG TO ME
8. G.V.Prakash rips my lyrics and given a courtesy credit for vocals which is not mine and it is a total disgrace to Rap Music or (Tamil Hip hop)

I feel insulted and humiliated. Being an establish composer or anyone in this caliber please do not do this type of disgusting things. I see you don’t understand what hip hop or Tamil rap is, if so get to know or rather stop looking down on people who do it good. I am very disappointed and I am not going to let this go.

Dear Fans, The song “Lovely Ladies” from the movie Naan Sigappu Mandian does not contain my vocals…. The lyric which starts “Young Kid in the Club” belongs to me without my vocals rather I be credited for lyrics and I can’t take credit for Dumb Moron rapping without knowing what it is.

If I don’t speak this will happen to upcoming artiste who dream to work for Tamil Cinema. Are you serious you come from the same family where The Legend come from?
Thank you Mr. G.V.Prakash and you have to answer this! or you can ignore!! Do Not turn the entire picture around.. please be a man!

Thank you
Aaryan Dinesh Kanagaratnam