S.J.Suryah Upcoming Bilingual, Isai will turn director-actor to be a music composer. And the actor-director says he took the decision after being encouraged by Mozart of Madras, A R Rahman.

“I was explaining the situation for a song in my Telugu film, Puli, when Rahman stopped me mid sentence and said, ‘You explain well and you have an ear for music. Why don’t you compose for your next?’ I was stumped, and I told him jokingly, ‘Please tell me if you don’t have dates to do my next film!’ But Rahman was serious, and well, here I am,” begins Suryah.

He plays the role of a music composer in Isai. “I learnt guitar, keys and vocals for my character in the film. I practised music for five whole months, and late at nights, I tried coming up with my own tunes. Over a period of time, I’d composed almost nine tracks. Vaali sir will be writing the lyrics, and I will soon record the songs with top singers,” he smiles.

So, has Rahman listened to his composition yet? “I will be playing the tracks for him soon. I’ve told him that he has to sing the introduction song for me, ” Suryah says. The Kushi director admits he has been deeply influenced by Rahman. “You look up to one person to model your character. I’ve tried to look like how Rahman did during his early days, with long hair et all,” he smiles, and adds, “Every musician has a lighter side to him. He romanticises life, and lives by what he feels. This film is a poetic love story. After auditioning almost 100 girls, I’ve roped in a newcomer for the lead role. I’ve christened her Savithri.”

The shooting will begin next month, and will be shot extensively in Chennai, and deep forests in Kerala and Karnataka.