Sivakarthikeyan Iraiva – An unconventional number in Velaikkaran album

Iraiva – An unconventional number in Velaikkaran album?

It comes as a surprise for many that a song with an unconventional title has hit the towns with an official word. Over the past 24 hours, it was highly anticipated for the second single track announcement from Sivakarthikeyan starrer Velaikkaran. Expectations were bigger that it could be yet another mass folk number or a melodious treat. But in contrast, we get to see something more phenomenal with the title poster of this ‘Iraiva’ song. It has a gloomy backdrop with the fonts used spotted different. It gives a feel of Dark Age and someone is looking for redemption. Nevertheless, this is just an assumption that we get to sense looking at the poster that features Anirudh.

Already, the first single track ‘Karuthavanlaam Galeejaam’ has been took everyone by high excitement. The song is getting huge reception across the nook and corners of Tamil zone and sometimes even beyond its territories. Now the second single track is getting ready for release on November 2. Is it for the occasion of Halloween Day that the poster is designed in different style or the reason we have cited is something need to wait and watch. 

Velaikkaran is now close on the heels of completing the post-production works. It looks like the makers will make an announcement regarding full album release shortly. Sivakarthikeyan fans are curiously awaiting the full album and trailer as soon as possible. This is because they are bounded to long wait for worldwide theatrical release, which is on December 22.