The National Award-winning director Bala’s upcoming film with Atharvaa has been put on hold for the moment for want of finance was the latest buzz in the KTown. The film is based on a Malayalam novel, Eriyum Thanal, and is about the relationship between a couple and their son, and is said to be an unconventional story.

It’s alleged that Bala is making this film mainly for international film festivals. Even though the producers have allocated approximately Rs 12 crore for this film, we hear that Bala is looking for more finance. However, a source close to the director, on condition of anonymity, says, “As we speak, Bala is shooting the film in Munnar. He plans to complete the film within 60 days. The first schedule was held near Ramanathapuram early this year and then, he shot with Dhansika a few weeks ago. He’s working on the final leg of the film now.

Bala is not someone who will spend unnecessarily, and he wants to finish the film on a bare minimum budget.” Bala’s known for critically acclaimed films that don’t necessarily set the BO on fire. We wonder if this is one such to.