Jai Nithin Sathya comes together for a new film

Jai, Nithin Sathya comes together for a new film

The film industry is a multi-faceted attraction for most – including the film fans and the artist and technicians in the film-making.

The artists, especially the lead actors, develop a strong bondage or love with the films – it does not stop with mere acting!  These actors go further making movies for popular appreciation and derive even more satisfaction.

The latest actor to join the bandwagon to become a producer is Nithin Sathya, who has acted in a variety of stellar roles with excellent performance winning huge appreciation from the film buffs.

He has named his production company – ‘SHIVEDH’.

While sharing this development with others, he explained that he had the ever-present urge to turn a producer all the time. He was looking for the right story which would appeal to him. In fact, he had been listening to many story narrations. In this process, one of these days, he heard the narration of a brilliant story from Pichumani who worked as Venkat Prabhu’s assistant director.

Nithin Sathya decided on the spot to produce this after the narration. Now, the 1st phase of production is complete. It has come out even better than their expectations.

Actor Jai’s dedication and unflagging cooperation have been great assets for the production team thus far.

He expects to announce the details about the other actors, technicians and the title of the film shortly.

Apart from the actor Nithin Sathya, he has been joined by his friend Badri Kasthuri as a co-producer.