Jiiva's Kee or Kalakalappu 2 to back out on Feb 9 release?

Jiiva’s Kee or Kalakalappu 2 to back out on Feb 9 release?

Before few years, it was Bharath, who enjoyed the privilege of having two releases on the same date – Veyil and Chennai Kadhal. If we are dating back to many decades in time, Late actor Sivaji Ganesan had three big releases on the same date. Well, keeping apart the historical citations, the current news is all about actor Jiiva and his upcoming films. It has been highly circulated through advertisements that both the films Kee and Kalakalappu 2 will be hitting screens on February 9.

But according to the inside reports, both the films have just promoted the film with release date, but nothing has been confirmed in trade circles. If what we hear from the close sources is believed to be true, Jiiva’s Kee has some financial issues to be sorted out on release. On the other end, since Sundar C is quoting a big price for TN theatrical rights of Kalakalappu 2, many in the distribution circle are keeping themselves away from this deal. It is also reported that Sundar C is holding talks with Sun Pictures to take over the project as well.

So for now, nothing hasn’t been stabilized over both these movies hitting screens, but one among them would be definitely getting through Feb 9 release.