Kamal Haasan to launch special Mobile App on birthday

Kamal Haasan to launch special Mobile App on birthday?

Kamal Haasan has been intensely involved in his political propagandas, but in passive style. The actor used Bigg Boss reality TV show as the major platform to reveal his plans and exhibit his ideologies. Precisely, it proved to be a much larger scope for the actor to connect with public and in the way he treated all contestants equally. This earnest quality of his gesture on treating without partiality made him much more far-famed. Now the actor is interacting with public through Question and Answer Column in Ananda Vikatan magazine.

In the recent edition, he has expressed his outspoken desire to unite all Youth power and eliminate corruption in society. He elaborated saying, “The basic elements of a societal development depends on Education and Health. But these sources have been terribly converted into commercial business hubs with corruption. It’s high time to bring all these to an end. During this contemporary period, where the youth power is proving strong, I would like to bring them together and seek a solution.”

Kamal Haasan is also planning to make an important announcement on November 7 for his birthday. It is reported by the close sources that he plans to launch an official mobile App, where his Welfare Association will be in touch with public directly.

This App will facilitate the opinions and views expressed by public and together the solutions would be worked out for better situations.