Lakshmi short film director to direct Nayanthara produced by KJR Studios

Lakshmi short film director to direct Nayanthara

Actress Nayanthara has been confidently taking a route of female centric films that are giving her positive results. Following a nuance performance in ‘Aramm’, Nayanthara is now back with the same production house of KJR Studios for a horror film. The untitled movie is directed by Sarjun, who earlier shot to fame for his controversial short film ‘Lakshmi’ and the recent one titled ‘Maa’. The official announcement happened before few minutes and it is really kindling everyone’s interest to see what could be the core of this movie.

Well for Nayantara, horror movies have been constantly a favourite cup of coffee. It is so much noteworthy that her ‘Maya’ and ‘Dora’ boasted off an unconventional theme set against horror backdrops.

It gives a lease of confidence that even this one could belong completely to a different panache in horror league.