Moondram Pirai Sridevi gets into Jai 'Balloon'

Moondram Pirai Sridevi gets into Jai ‘Balloon’

Inspirations are beyond decades and ages. Especially with an actor, it becomes much more expanded into limitless terrains of time and space. Such happens to be the illustration of Sridevi, whose magnum opus performance in Moondram Pirai is still regarded as one of her best shows till the date. So, how about this reference – Moondram Pirai Sridevi gets into Jai starrer Balloon?

Definitely, nothing much to look upon the ace actress being a part of this show, but it’s all about incorporation. Janani Iyer being an avid admirer of her performance in that classic film has tried replicating similar shades of innocence to her character in Balloon. Touted to be a horror film, Balloon is set against backdrops of two different time periods. Janani Iyer says, “I play a traditional girl from the orthodox family and my portions are placed in 1980s. When discussing with director, we both felt if there could be uniqueness in my role. So we tried to add up such aspects of Sridevi madam’s role from Moondram Pirai, which was laced with innocence.”

Balloon also features Anjali in another female lead role. Sinish has directed the film. 70mm Entertainment and Farmer’s Master Plan Productions have produced the film. Auraa Cinemas will be releasing the film on September 27.