In recent days, some of tamil movies have been remade in Hindi, most of Vikram’s acclaimed Tamil movies have found takers in Bollywood. Movie which first saw Bollywood remake is Sethu, written and directed by Bala, was remade in Hindi with Salman Khan as Tere Naam. Directed by Satish Kaushik, the flick went on to be a hit for Sallu bhai as well.The rights of another of Bala’s films have been bought by Satish Kaushik but nine years later! It is none other than Pithamagan 2003 blockbuster movie, which also stars Vikram, was a critically acclaimed film.

So why has the director bought the rights so late was the question among all the industry peoples. He says that “I didn’t have too much clarity with whom the rights were till recently. I saw the movie when it released and loved it but I took a gap from remakes,” he says. He adds that he has just started working on the script and the project is still in its initial stages. And like most directors today who are vying to cast Salman Khan, Bollywood’s hit machine, in their films, Satish also is eyeing him. But if the director had to wait for him, the wait would be unbelievably long considering Sallu doesn’t have dates! Satish says, “I haven’t approached Salman yet. I need to first finish the script first and then I may approach him for it. But I think he is perfect for Vikram’s role. I haven’t finalized any of the cast as of now.” Ask him if he has taken any inputs from director Bala and Satish says, “Once the movie goes on the floors, I plan to invite him over. It’s always good that the film’s original director is part of the project. He’ll be able to give additional inputs.” Though he says the original script is amazing, he plans to tweak it to suit the audiences in the north.