Sathyaraj in a supernatural FM Station, Kallappadam, vel

Sathyaraj in a supernatural FM Station

This could have been the deliberate of idea of any aspiring filmmaker or wannabe writer. Having watching the ghost stories that have crossed the infinity paradigms in Tamil cinema, one could definitely imagine what if a ghost haunts a FM Station. In a deliberate manner, director Vel has conceptualised a script based on this premise. Yes, his untitled supernatural thriller is set against the FM Station, where the entire story happens over a span of night time. Sathyaraj is playing the lead role in this film and others in the cast would be finalised shortly.

Shedding lights of this project, director Vel says, “As soon as the script works were completed, it was a major challenge to cast someone more powerfully appropriate for the lead role. Now with Sathyaraj sir getting onboard, half of our casting process is almost done.” Vel made his directorial debut through the film Kallappadam mentions that the producers of this film are keen on burning candles on both ends for best outputs.