Shaam's Tough Outfit for 6
Shaam’s Tough Outfit for 6

Shaam’s Tough Outfit for 6. Shaam is one such actor in K-Town who goes to the extremes to fit into the character.  The actor went without sleep for almost 10 days so that he could get the ‘right look’ for his forthcoming flick 6. Interestingly this project will have the actor in 3 different roles and all scenes will be  shot within a span of 6 months. Director Durai will wield the megaphone for this one while Anthony will take care of the editing. Srikanth Deva will be providing the musical backing for ’6?.

When Shaam was inquired, he says, “I play Ram, a man who is in search of something in his life. He is restless, and has to solve a big mystery. The film traces three phases in his life, and for the last one, which is revealed in the climax, I needed to look weak.I shed almost 17 kilos, grew beard and long hair. This is something that everyone does,  but I wanted my character to look different from what others have done so far.”

He added, “Way back in 2006, I was working throughout the day and went without sleep. So, the tissues under my eyes swelled up. I thought I could use that condition to my advantage for this film, and so, I didn’t sleep for 10 whole days. When the director and the cameraman saw me on the day I was to shoot the climax, they were shaken up. I knew I was experimenting with something as important as my eyes, and was even aware that the swelling will not reduce for atleast five days, but I was willing to take the risk because this film is an important one in my career.”