Sunir Kheterpal on Billa 2

Billa 2 Realse Date
Sunir Kheterpal on Billa2
Billa 2 Realse Date
Sunir Kheterpal on Billa2
  • Billa2 lot of people asking about release date. Have patience please. It’s in June for sure but exact date once censor is done.
  • Billa2 background score and sound on its way. Most of dubbing done. VFX like so many other films is the bottleneck. Will Confirm date after VFX.
  • Billa2 trailer will be ready by Sunday but will be released along with AASCAR RAVICHANDRAN in 10 to 12 days before release.
  • Billa2 Telugu music release June 1/2. Telugu dub trailer also simultaneous release.
  • Billa2 having spent 18 months from signing till now, there is no need to hurry and compromise on anything. Street postering will continue.
  • Billa2 overseas release on Tamil, Telugu dub, English and Arabic subtitles.
  • Billa2 there is also a calendar coming up featuring Bruna and Parvathy, the billa2 girls. Outstanding work by Haider khan and Marketing team.
  • Billa2 Hindi dub sale next week. Meanwhile music is rocking. Sales approaching 1 lakh cds. Dont know when did last time sales were this high.
  • Billa2 just waiting for the correct stage to announce release date. Coming soon. Fantastic Fourteen days of unprecedented promotion
  • Billa2 honestly, I wanted to see the film the moment we signed It. But there is no fun in that. What you will see is worth the wait. SOON.
  • Billa2 release date. Reiterating, Billa 2 is releasing in June. Targeting Censor around June 11. Trailer before Censor.