Theatre Owners Association Strict Opposition Against DTH premiere

The strategy of Kamal Hassan’s release of Vishwaroopam with DTH collapses as TN theatre owners have taken a decision against it! (21.12.2012)

Previously, the plan was welcomed by producers as this will bring a new trend to Tamil cinema and giving the opportunity to those who do not go to cinema to enjoy the premiere; however TN owners showed their opposition fearing that the DTH plan may not get them the revenue they want.

As the release of Vishwaroopam is nearing, the theatre owners decided to have an immediate meeting to discuss the faith of the strategy and come up with a decision. The later we hear that the TN Theatre Owners Association today decided not to give any co-operation to movies that will be released in DTH; therefore this decision will have huge impact on Vishwaroopam!

What will Kamal do? What will be his next step? We will have to wait and see.