When Vijay hesitated to throw bottle on SJ Surya

SJ Surya was all in high invigorations during the audio launch of Mersal. He was so polite, sangfroid and super cool. But everyone out there from the team couldn’t stop raving about his performance in the film. The actor came up on the dais amidst huge fanfare and applause.

Speaking on the occasion, SJ Surya told, “There happens to be a particular sequence, where Vijay sir has to hit on my head with a bottle. But being a close friend and with regards to my directorial work with him in the past, he was so much negligent and didn’t have the attitude to hit me. I took him aside and told him “Sir please do it.” Aftermath, he just gave his best shot. Sooner, he had to hit me with bottles at a distance and he was exactly aiming me with perfect shots and made it happen.”

SJ Surya also revealed that there are three Thalapathys in the film and it will just leave his fans erupting with thundering impact in the theatres.