5 reasons to watch Vikram Prabhu-Nikki Galrani starrer Neruppu Da

5 reasons to watch Vikram Prabhu-Nikki Galrani starrer Neruppu Da

 Vikram Prabhu-Nikki Galrani starrer Neruppu Da picked everyone’s attention by the day of launch. The reason is Superstar Rajinikanth’s famous song title from Kabali. Moreover, Vikram plays a fire engine personnel and a Rajinikanth, which makes the title more appropriate. B Ashok Kumar has scripted and directed the film. Also, this film has 3 producers – Vikram Prabhu, Esakki Durai, R K Ajay Kumar.

With the film ‘Neruppu Da’ hitting screens on September 8, we bring you 5 best reasons to watch the film.

  1. Vikram Prabhu’s unique choice of scripts and roles

Despite results and outputs, Vikram Prabhu has been the safest bet for the traders of showbiz. The reason is his choice of movie scripts and roles have always been unique. From film to film, he takes up different themes. This indeed becomes a safe and confident zone for audiences to come and watch his upcoming release ‘Neruppu Da’.

  1. Nikki Galrani – The sweet cute favourite of masses

 She has been generously labeled as the darling of masses. The way she presents herself in a film with any roles has made audiences appreciate her. It is much evident that her role in Neruppu Da will be different from her previous movies. Her screen presence as we see from the film’s visual promos is great indeed.

  1. Thriller becomes the need of hour

 These days, audiences are so much attached to thriller movies. In this aspect, Neruppu Da will definitely satisfy them. As we can sense from the team’s interaction with many media channels, they have acclaimed this film as a Thriller.

  1. Sean Roldan – The musical pillar of igniting spark

Sean Roldan has slowly captured everyone’s attention with his hard work. From film to film, he has been doing a great job. His career graph with ‘Neruppu Da’ songs has already got him best results. Even in the film’s visual promos, especially trailers his BGM is so much evident.

  1. Powerful characterizations

The entire team assures even a single character with miniscule importance will take the story forward. None of them will be used for the sake of commercial aspects, but will be travelling throughout the story with powerful characterizations.

Therefore, one could easily say that Vikram Prabhu fans are in for a big treat.