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Vishal and fiancée reveal their wedding officially


Vishal and fiancée reveal their wedding officially

Recently, there were lots of buzzes revolving around Vishal’s wedlock with actress Anisha, whose picture remained veiled. In fact, it created a stretch of rumours and lots of fake pictures were circulated as well. While Vishal had refuted them as baseless news and had affirmed that he would be revealing the news officially posting pictures on her social blogging page. She wrote saying, “To the start of something new. I thank you all for everything you’ve done… Been a part of my growth, my learning, my observations, my inspiration, my truth, my hurt, my strength, my reason or all that has brought me to where I am today, who I am today. Soon enough, I will be on a new journey and I yearn to live up to all of my dreams and goals and the challenges I have put for myself. Finally, I found somebody to go down the path of life with, loving him and life with true passion. I look up to this man for all that he stands for and for all of his heart… I vow to giv back to him, the families and the people around with this step forward. I vow to be the best the I can be, intention towards collective learning, love and moral value.” (Sic).

On his part, Vishal has affirmed about their marriage saying, “Yes.. Happy. Too happy. Happiest. Her name is Anisha Alla. And yes she said yes. And it’s confirmed. My next biggest transition in life. will be announcing the date soon. God bless.” (Sic)

It is worth mentioning that Anisha Alla Reddy has been a part of Vijay Devarakonda starrer ‘Arjun Reddy’ and ‘Pelli Choopulu’.

The engagement of Vishal and Anisha is likely to happen in February followed by wedding ceremony at New Nadigar Sangam building in March.

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