Vivegam-Spyder linked by Secret Society Ajith Mahesh Babu

Vivegam-Spyder linked by Secret Society

Much alike climatic changes, film industry has been bounded to certain seasons. There have been times, when 3 or more films have been based on similar themes. It has been happening based on coincidences. A small reference would be few films before couple of months, where they were based on medical-crime thrillers. Now we get to see that a similar trend is occurring.

Ajith’s recent release Vivegam based on a man’s mission to thwart the plans of ‘secret society’ that is a threat to entire world. The natural calamities might be the open view, but the real fact is a human operation is involved beneath to gain monetary and political gains.

On the pars, Mahesh Babu starrer Spyder teaser too seemingly focuses on a similar theme. We get to hear the voiceover of SJ Surya who claims that ever natural calamity like Tsunami, Earth quake, etc has a secret group’s involvement.

Well, it all looks vague and we need to wait and watch whether it would be based on a similar theme.