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When Vemal got chased by Poorna for his theft


When Vemal got chased by Poorna for his theft

Actor Vemal has been too choosy with the films and he makes sure that the movies he is there will have myriad entertainment factors. Seemingly, the same goes with ‘Ivanukku Yengayo Macham Irukku’ produced by Sharmila Manray and R. Sarvan on behalf of Sai Productions. With Vemal and Ashna Zaveri performing the lead roles, the star-cast comprises of Ananda Raj, Singampuli, Mansur Ali Khan, Lokesh, Vetrivelraja and Poorna in the role of a police officer.

Gopi Jagadeeswaran is the cinematographer while the music s composed by Natarajan Sankaran. Viveka is the lyricist and Vairabalan is the Arts Director. Th choreography is by Kandhaas whereas the stunts are handled by Ramesh. Dinesh is the editor of the film while Subramani is the production supervisor.

While speaking about the film, director, R. Mukesh shared says, “Vimal and Singampuli work in the pharmacy shop owned by Vetrivelraja. They indulge in petty crimes to earn some extra money. A very precious smuggled item owned by Anandraj lands in the hands of Vimal and Singampuli! So, Anandraj and gangs pursue them. On the other side, Vetrivelraja is also after them for the thefts in the pharmacy.”

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