It is a prequel to the 2007 film Billa and focuses on how David Billa, an ordinary man from the coastal regions of South Tamil Nadu, becomes Billa, a dreaded underworld don.

The starting of the movie is unexpected, showing David Billa being trapped in risk state which thereafter takes us to his flashback where he is shown as a Srilankan refugee who seeks asylum in Rameswaram. He serves in prison for some time before being released.

He aids top dealers and makes himself as a powerful man by involving in diamond, drugs and arms smuggling. The first half contains powerful action scenes well as powerful dialogues which keeps you entertained then the second half.

The turning point of the movie is when David Billa gains more contacts and continues his rise. Later, he gets to meet Abbasi and Dimitri who are well known top leaders. He helps Abbasi to solve a deal and becomes close to him but due to misunderstanding they both apart and after that it’s all about what happens between Abbasi, Dimitri and where David Billa ends up.

Overall it’s a one man showdown movie

+ Dialogues
+ Ajith’s appearance + Performance

– No flow of story
– Choreography
– Editing
– Script
– Glamour

Rating: 3 of 5