Kalakalappu @ Masala Cafe Movie Review

UTV and Avni Max’s joint production venture Kalakalappu @ Masala Cafe received a positive response from the celebrities. A special premiere show was screened in Chennai yesterday for the celebrities and their families and all those who have seen the film enjoyed a lot appreciated the movie.

A movie that is based on two brothers and how to save the cafe. The movie starts with a flashback telling the history of the restaurant “Masala Cafe”. The story then moves onto the current generation where it’s maintained by “Vimal”, Oviya and her grandfather.

The restaurant doesn’t have the popularity as in the past and Vimal tries a lot to improve the restaurant but each and every time due to his bad luck it results in failure and increases the money which he borrows and finds difficulty in returning that. As this issue still continues Vimal sees Anjali who comes to kumbakonam by transfer and gets a different welcome by Vimal and he falls in love with Anjali. Anjali then issues a notice to develop Vimal’s restaurant within 2 months of duration and their meetings happens often. Where is our other hero? Shiva gets an unexpected intro and adds extra ingredients with Oviya.

The second half is focused on retrieving the diamonds while introducing our comedy king “Santhanam”. During the election period Santhanam becomes friend with Vimal, what happens when they become friends? Fun all the way! The climax keeps you guessing who gets the diamond and what happens after that with few twists.

Overall, Masala Cafe is a pure entertainment which can be watched with family!

# Sundar.C has shaped well all the artists and matched them with their characters and to the story.
# Music was really good and matched with scenes
# Visuals of the songs could be improved and making the speed of the movie bit slower would have added more perfection.
# Oviya and Anjali were more glamorous and could have avoided that since there is no need of those.
# Comedy was superb and made the whole audience laugh. Santhanam was the rockstar.

Rating: 3 of 5