After facing many hurdles, Ameerin AadhiBhagavan has finally released. It is an unseen Kollywood flick with few Cliché, however it is well executed. Let us see the main plots.

The movie kicks off with a twist when Adhi (Jayam Ravi) uses his mastermind to hoax and steal the black money. Adhi plays an underworld don who lives in Bangkok and does illegal trade for money. Money is everything to him. Adhi works for Sam (Babu Antony) but once they come under disagreement in shares, the deed kicks off. Due to Adhi’s involvement in illegal business, his mother and sister do not show any kind of love towards him. He tries to convince them nevertheless fails. Adhi meets Karishma (Neetu Chandra) in a pub, he falls in love and after few days she takes him to Mumbai to meet her father. What happens next? Watch it and find out, we don’t want to spoil the terrific turning point. The first half mainly focuses on action and the love between Adhi & Karishma with many twists.

The second half is magnificent; the introduction of Bhagavan is something unexpected. You do not want to question the performance of Bhagavan hereafter! Heavy violence can be witnessed in second half. The remaining segment of the movie is based on the 3 characters – Adhi, Karishma & Bhagavan. Does Adhi come out of the trap that was made by Karishma? Does Adhi get them back for the pain he went through? This is what you will witness throughout the second half. Second half has pace and excitement!

Overall, AdhiBhagavan is a Bhagavan + Karishma show, remarkable performance!

– Performance (Jayam Ravi & Neetu Chandra needs special mention)
– Cinematography
– Stunts
– Choreography
– Locations
– Music (let it be the songs or BGM, Yuvan has done a fabulous job )

– Slow pace
– Violence

Rating: 3/5