ainthu-ainthu-ainthu-movie-reviewAinthu Ainthu Ainthu (555) which Bharath remarked as one of the most important movies of his career to get back on track has finally hit the screens after a very long time. Thanks to the delay in the release of Thalaivaa.

After the critically acclaimed Poo, director sasi is back with 555 a psychological thriller. The story of 555 is about a young guy Aravind who suffers from PTSD after a horrible road accident. The story begins with him mourning over the death of his girlfriend liyana who according to his brother and doctor is an imaginary character. Aravind’s tries prove them wrong and starts investigating on liyana’s existence trusting his guts.

This leads to a discovery that his whole life has been used as a game by a certain mafia for their boss for personal gains. How he topples them and saves his Girl friend, forms the rest of the story. Heard this before ? Yes the story has a lot of influence from Samar and Muppozhudhum Un Karpanaigal.

The screen play also lacks the right kind of flavour to fasten up things. It’s slow and wavered. If only Sasi had concentrated more in the screenplay the movie would have been even more engaging. Bharath as Aravind gets a role similar to the one from Nepali. As a charming young lad at one end and a serious mystery solver at the other he does both the parts convincingly. He also looks menacing in the final fight.

The hardwork is there to be seen. The female lead Mirthika has had a decent debut. Not quiet the beauty , she has done the role of a girl next door quiet well. Her dub sync too is near perfect. Thanks to the dubbing artist(Raveena).she deserves a special mention The second lead Erica looks lost. Santhanam as gopal sends the audience into splits once in a while though this time he has a got a more serious role to play. The villain sudesh berry comes and goes as typical mafia don ,walking with blazers in an empty un-constructed building.

Technically the movie has few positives and few loop holes. The cinematography by saravanan is good. Especially in mudhal mazhai kalam and vizhliye. Both the songs stand out in choreography too. The BGM of the movie though sounds a lot like the famous Mankatha tune. Editing by subarak looks lacklustre because of the screenplay.

Bharath’s hardwork is definitely evident and the characters try to give their best but everything looks to have gone wrong somewhere. May be because the entire story line looks similar to few of the recent ones we have seen and mentioned above. With a few good scenes here and there and a few sloppy ones the movie on the whole is not a bad one time watch.

Rating: 2.5/5 – “Watch it, no harm in that”