Reviewed by Kamal

Alex Pandian the name which superstar used in his yesteryear blockbuster “Moondru Mugam” and the character he made memorable. Now Suraj and Karthi are back with a movie on the same name. (There is no relevance though I said this only to while away time)

Karthi a guy who does anything for money accepts to kidnap anushka the daughter of CM to help an NRI to distribute a banned medicine in Tamilnadu. The trouble he gets into after doing this forms the rest of the story I guess. I say i guess because even I am not sure if this is the story. The screen play is so wavered that it shows nearly fifteen stories in one movie.

Karthi as Alex Pandian is so bad and comes as a hero who decides to make logic question who he is ! (yes its that bad) and Anushka as Divya is equally bad. Even after being kidnapped she decides to seduce the audience(for what reason one wonders). As the movie progresses you lose track of number of villains. Santhanam does what is expected of him(only good thing in the movie). Suraj the director is lost completely from the word go and I am sure even a first time director would have done a better movie with the same story. It’s better if he decides to take a break from movies for his own good. His previous effort “Mapillai” looked better than this( now you can imagine).

The technical department , oh wait I doubt there was actually one. It’s seriously a waste of time to talk about this dept. The fights, dialogues, music everything is over the top and boring.

Alex Pandian has nothing that will make one happy or make one’s penny worth. It’s highly annoying and long and everything in this movie is too much even for a masala movie. It has scenes taken from Giri, Gilli and everywhere.

A rating of 1/5 would be little too much but i would give it only to make producer who has invested all his money in this to smile.

A worthless effort.