Aruvi Movie Review, Aditi Balan

Aruvi Movie Review

Dream Warrior Pictures has been ritually churning out exceptionally unconventional movies from its league. The latest one is ‘Aruvi’, which has been under making nearly four and half years. Having been acclaimed and appreciated at many International Film Festivals, it is finally having the worldwide theatrical release.

The film opens with a much tensed scenario, where Aruvi (Aditi Balan) is interrogated by police. The media channels have been flashing the news that she belongs to a terrorist group. With the testimonies beginning from her father to friends, the chronicles of Aruvi is narrated and what made her overnight sensation in towns for a bad reason.

The film stands out to be an epitome of how efficient a team work can bring out best results. Aruvi isn’t something to be labelled as a feminist film or something is commonly being termed as ‘Female Centric’ genre. It’s about humanity and filmmaker Arun Prabu Purushothaman has emphasized the message ‘Don’t be Judgmental’ and ‘Keep spreading Love. That’s the only cure to any pain’. Although, the film brims with bittersweet moments, this meaningful essence perpetually imbibes you to the core.  The writing seems to be going substantial except in few places, where the commercial elements are noticeable. But that’s the right way to balance a complex script or else it would turn out to be an art film that could fail to impress commercial audiences.

The twist by the point of intermission

Say for instance, the ‘Truth or Dare’ game played by post-intermission might not be anywhere connected to the basic premise, but then, it would impress with its hilarious aspects. The twist by the point of intermission  comes as a bundle of unheralded surprise and theatres would definitely erupt with whistles and applause. Aditi Balan proves her prowess in performance with a strong and bold attempt. Watch out for her physical appearance by the final moments and any other actress, even a newcomer would take a back seat ignoring it. 

But there are few amateur elements in the film, where the first few chapters are like montage based back to back songs. The real drama begins nearly after 30 minutes and the duration could have been kept limited to 2 hours or even lesser.

Background score by Vedant and Bindhu Malini are worthy of appreciations. It is quite evident that the film is shot at shoestring budget and it is so much evident with the technical aspects. But the locations are very well filmed.

The characterizations that include the TV show host of reality programme, the interrogation officer and even the minuscule ones are projected at best. But then, there are few things that should have been modified. Especially, the reunion between father and daughter could have been yet more emotional.

Aruvi will give a different experience to the regular film goers for its premise and treatment of screenplay.

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Verdict: Keeps you emotional and engrossed