Chennai 2 Singapore Movie Review

Chennai 2 Singapore Movie Review

Chennai 2 Singapore Movie Review

Striking musical realms in 2017 with back to back releases, Ghibran’s maiden production ‘Chennai 2 Singapore’ finally gets released. Abbas Akbar has directed this film, which features Gokul Anand, Rajesh Balachandran, Anju Kurian and Shiv Kesav in lead roles.

When laziness provokes you with high vigor to watch a film, it’s preferably that Chennai 2 Singapore could turn to be a perfect treat. But it doesn’t run short off flaws as the diminishing elements do exist. There are certain episodes, where the humour flows casually at its best to tickle our funny bones, especially the witty lines. But too much casualness drags us lately in time during the second half with a climax that is too much stretched. When drawing verdicts about the first hour, the fun-filled moments are found in plethora with peck of emotions too. With a film carrying newcomers onboard, it’s not that easy to relate emotionally, but Chennai 2 Singapore lets us experience it with its earnest attempts. But what turns out to be fallible is the erroneous screenplay during second half.   

  Cinematography Major Plus for the Movie 

The makers should have opted for some well known actors for the supporting cast to impress the sub-urban and rural audiences. But that doesn’t turn out to be a fact on flip side except the narrative sluggishness in second hour. Everyone in the star-cast has tried exhibiting their best of abilities. Gokul Anand with his emotional acting throughout the film wins our sympathy in places. Rajesh Balachandran stands out to be exceptional when it comes to expressing humour. His complete characterization evokes laughter in many places. Anju Kurian looks apt for the role she has essayed and Shiv Kesav with lookalike of Prashanth is okay. Emcee playing a funny don faintly reminds us of Nassar in ‘Quick Gun Murugan’, where their top priorities are about food.

Cinematography becomes a major asset to this film, where the scenic visuals of Singapore take us a tour into new places.  Preferably, this could be regarded as the first ever time, where we aren’t visually presented with same emblematic locations of Singapore, but something fresh. These days, Ghibran is establishing himself as master of background score. Whatever might be the genre, he just offers a compelling BGM, but we earnestly look forward to songs as well. Hope he comes back giving us some of the best songs as in his earlier phase of career.

As on whole, Chennai 2 Singapore holds a plot that’s so simple and casual (Somewhere slightly reminiscent of Madhavan’s Nala Dhamayandhi), but it travels with enjoyable first half. Had the second hour been presented with laconic version, it could have easily been one in league of Crazy Mohan’s ever admirable comedy capers. 

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Verdict: Visually grandeur and fun-filled moments for time pass experience