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Ghajinikanth Movie Review

Impeccable lollapalooza of an alchemist process strikes blatantly through Santhosh P Jayakumar’s Ghajinikanth. A mere co-incidence or an intentional phase – close call to prove his ability that he is master in decent family entertainers too. Maybe, there could have been a dearth of saucy arousing scripts. Ghajinikanth is abrupt translation of Nani starrer ‘Bale Bale Magadivoy’, which has its own way to impress family audiences with expressive mirth. Erstwhile films with protagonists with disabilities were used for ‘Thrillers’, but here it’s quite a dissimilar pinch, a humour. But there are few incongruous ones, where the religious sentiments are hurt.

Maybe, Santhosh P Jayakumar’s lineage could have experienced something bitter with pastors. But this gentleman isn’t a Desi-avatar of Pedro Almodovar to let you scream through the realistic upheavals of religious shades. An entertainer in the name of hurting anyone’s sentiments is no better than a soft-vulgarism that his erstwhile movies were. Never assumes this to be unfavorable perspicacity Santhosh! There are few positives too. The ability to complete a stretch of film short span of time sparring few misconceptions that audiences are dim-witted to miss them out. A scene where Satish throws the mobile out and Sampath laughs out accidentally is included. Maybe, a blooper mistakenly inserted here.

Keenly looking out for what’s the real big plus? Fantabulous performance by Sampath! He’s perfect and genuine to his role. Aadukalam Narain is yet another showstopper attempting with full swing humour throughout. Well, these character artists turning the tables surprise us, but in contrast, the comedy actors – Karunakaran and Satish remains obtuse. Of course, Satish on his least gets to score some sure shots in the second hour. Yes, he carries the film on his shoulders during the penultimate phase. But Arya remains completely benumbed in many places. He could have yet breathed more life into the character.

Sayyeshaa looks exotically endearing with her characterization. The innocuous looks suit appropriately to her nature, but yet her looks are grossly unconventional for a Tamil girl.

Balamurali Bala carries an impressive intelligence. It’s a rarity to understand the pulse of the audience and he strikes his musical chords accordingly with BGM.

There’s an unwritten theory, where logic doesn’t matter when it comes to pure commercial genre. In this aspect, Ghajinikanth might pull off well for a one-time watchable experience.

Rating: 2.5/5

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Verdict: One time watchable or else might be a cherry pick for Amazon Prime release