Gulaebhagavali Movie Review

Gulebagavali Movie Review & Rating, Prabhu deva, hansika motwani, Gulaebhagavali

Gulaebhagavali Movie Review

Segregating ‘Genres’ have become a much dominating quotient of analysis in the recent times and it turns to be inevitable… But there comes certainly an exception called ‘Entertainer’, where there needn’t be any logical aspects to be minded or any paradigms. That’s where Gulaebhagavali gets it strokes done well. It’s a simple tale of what we have already seen in many movies and yet it tries to keep us engrossed in places.

The story traverses through the premise of treasure heist that actually has a back tale. Decades back, a person hides precious diamonds near the premises of Gulebakavali temple and after two generations, the person from same lineage tries to clasp it. On the other end, bunch of fraudulent people – Prabhu Deva, Revathy, Yogi Babu and Munishkanth embark on to get it on their grips. Rest of the story is about the trial and error comedy that keeps us decorously engaged in places.

Simple Neat Entertainer.

Working on a script of humour has become the most speculative task these days. Moreover, the genre has lost its vitality as most of the movies under this classification doesn’t fit into the appropriate package. We still keep pondering upon the movies like Pudhayal (1997) and few from the late 80s. Director Kalyan has tried adapting such a script that would never make an audience look out for continuity or rational thinking. It’s a film where, you can just get into the theatres and prepare yourselves for a simple neat entertainer.

Revathy is the showstopper

It looks like Prabhu Deva must have made a decision to make his onscreen comeback in Tamil cinema with simple entertainers. Well, Devi was such an instance and now it continues with Gulebakavali as well. Actually, he doesn’t get the best scope to overdo or exaggerate the mass appeal, but instead underplays throughout the film. He almost like heroes in ‘Golmaal’ franchise and presents himself an ensemble characterization. This is a good attempt indeed from Prabhu Deva as it remains to be a safe bet as well. With such a bunch of actors, who are far-famed for hilarious strokes, who scores the best. This time, it’s quite a surprise that after a very long time, we get to see Naan Kadavul Rajendran appear in an appropriately humorous role.

The skeleton that is assumed as his emotional connect and the scene where the group tries to hatch has been neatly conceptualized. Revathy is the showstopper out here and it’s really a good thing to see that Kalyan could think about her into the shoes of this character. Actually she gets more footage on pars with the lead actors. Yogi Babu has become adherent to witty one liner and he does the same here as well. Mansoor Ali Khan, Sathyan and others in the cast are namesake factors to boost up humour. Anand Raj fails to get the right scope to tickle our funny bones. Hansika Motwani has nothing to perform here and there isn’t much to focalize upon her.

Cinematography and Editing

This is a film that doesn’t get to offer more prominence to the technical aspects. Although the songs are limited to just 3-4, most of them look unapt for the script. It looks like they were included merely to showcase the grandiloquent dancing proficiency of our own Prabhu Deva. Background score is worthy to mention about. Cinematography and editing are commendable as they do what is required for the film.

If you’re looking out for the minus in the film, there isn’t much to analyse for the genre itself is an entertainer. The intentions of the team are to offer fun as much as possible. In fact, they have struck the gold and goal to the best extent.

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Take a casual visit to Gulaebhagavali and you’ll enjoy it.