Karuppan Movie Review

Karuppan Movie Review
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Karuppan Movie Review

Paneer Selvam made his debut directorial with the film Renigunta, which was a decent hit. Aftermath the success, he made another film titled 18 Vayasu that was appreciated by critics, but didn’t get well with BO. After a very long hiatus, he makes his comeback with the film Karuppan. Vijay Sethupathi and Tanvya Ravichandran have played the lead roles. Pasupathy, Bobby Simha, Renuka and Singam Puli have performed important roles. D Imman has composed music for this film, which is produced by AM Ratnam and Aishwarya.


Set against the backdrops of a village, Vijay Sethupathi plays Karuppan, a good hearted yet brawny man. During a Jallikattu game, he takes on a bull owned by Pasupathy, who challenges that he would marry his young sister (Tanya Ravichandran) to him, if tamed.  Although, Vijay Sethupathi doesn’t show any importance to such proposals, Pasupathy feels that he would take care of his sister with respect and prestige. Finally as the marriage happens, things take a turn, where Tanya’s maternal cousin (Bobby Simha) who madly wanted to marry her becomes the spoilsport.

How different is the story? 

This is a very ordinary story that Tamil cinema has already chosen to be its premise. You can keep predicting each and every scene. But what makes it special is the way it has been treated with emotions, fun and entertainment makes it appreciable.

How engaging is the screenplay?

As mentioned above, the screenplay is so much predictable, but the way we get to see each scene is beautifully etched. A simple tale about casual lifestyle of villagers, where the characterisations remain close to heart…

How technically strong is the film? 

The musical score by D Imman adorns the screenplay with good impact. Even the songs get good scope for most of them are montages and don’t hamper the screenplay anywhere. The cinematographer and director have very well took the need to picture the songs in a decorous manner.

How about performance? 

Vijay Sethupathi is so genuine and more entertaining. His performance has never needed an analysis. Tanya Ravichandran initially might look not fitting the village girl role. But Panneer Selvam offering a good substantiality to her role gets us accustomed. Pasupathy is so much commendable with a naturalistic show. Singam Puli gets a good scope for performing humour.

Overall, Karuppan is a film if watched with no expectations will definitely give a decorous experience. If you’re planning for a decent family entertainer for this festival season, Karuppan is a good option.

Karuppan Movie Review
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Verdict: Uncomplicated film for universal audiences