Kathanayagan Movie Review

Kathanayagan Movie Review

Kathanayagan Movie Review

A simple tale that has been tested with commercial experiments for decades in Tamil cinema.. Vishnu Vishal – Catherine Tresa starrer Kathanayagan falls into this category, where you can predict bits and pieces of screenplay. Muruganantham has directed this film, which is produced by Vishnu Vishal.


Vishnu Vishal plays Thambi Durai, a revenue officer and don’t expect him to be a mass champion here. He is too scared that he can’t afford to tackle a dog chasing him on the lanes. His close acquaintance Anna Durai (Soori) accompanies him to win the heart of a girl (Catherine Tresa). A routine series of clashes and finally she agrees to his proposal. That’s when her father places a challenge that his son-in-law must be a brave heart. Will this chap frightened of a stray dog manage to pull off his herculean avatar to prove this challenge? 

How different is the tale from usual films?

Never expect an exceptional answer! This is a pure commercial drama, which can be regarded as something for audiences, who just want to kill their time. A stereotypical commercial comedy caper (but lacks humour at 80% rate), which you can predict what’s next and what’s gonna happen.

How engaging is the film?

Marking a precise note, the first half is really sluggish, but at places the hilarious episodes involving Vishnu Vishal and Soori works out to a certain extent. In contrast, the theatres erupt with the arrival of Anand Raj as Dubai Sheik. He just keeps our funny bones tickled. But how can you expect a single man that too in a supporting role appearing by latter part to carry the entire film on his shoulders.

How technically strong is the film?

Sean Roldan tries to make an attempt of leaping away from his usual style of music. Over here, the masala ingredients in couple of songs will definitely attract the single screen, sub urban and rural audiences. They’ve been shot well with the cinematography as well. But then, there isn’t really much to speak about the technical aspect. Sean Roldan does an impressive job with BGM as well. 5 films down the line with similar attempts and he can surely hold a good position.


Vishnu Vishal attempts to hold a strong place in commercial hero zone. Well, he had some attempts accomplished in Velainu Vandhutta Velaikkaran. Over here, it looks like lots of stuffs have been thrust upon him either by director or himself. He exaggerates in few places, but at the same time, we need to appreciate his efforts. Catherine Tresa has a good screen presence, but then, she doesn’t have anything to perform here. Anand Raj is the showstopper out here. Vijay Sethupathi in his cameo takes sleepwalk. Other actors in the film including Naan Kadavul Rajendran, Aruldoss and Soori have tried evoking humour.

Analyzing the film on the whole, it’s a simple and ordinary entertainer that might click well with the rural audiences possibly.


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Verdict:  Stereotypical commercial caper