Reviewed by Kamal

Director Pandiraj is back after a lacklustre Marina with Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga which is completely in his forte which is -comedy. The story of KBKR is about two youths kesavan(vimal) and Murugan(siva) and their political ambitions. The routes they take to reach this ambition is told in rib tickling manner and with a good dose of romance.
The plot is super weak and the story line being very thin, director pandiraj manages to give us an entertaining 2 and half hour movie. Credit goes to him and his screenplay.
Vimal as kesavan is really good though we have seen him do a similar role in kalakalapu and comparisons are bound to rise cause of the characterisation. The real star of the movie though is Sivakarthekeyan. Life seems to have come full circle to this star, from a stand up comedian to a full fledged hero and this is only because of his hardwork. The guy shines throughout the movie. His comical timing is impeccable and brings the floor down at every instant possible. Another comedian who is at his full potential here is Suri. The female leads too are really good. Especially Regina who is brilliant as papa.
A special mention to yuvan as he has come out of his comfort zone to give KBKR. The movie though is not techincally appealing at all. Pandiraj has a scored a winner with KBKR only because of his smart choice of characters . On the down side though it’s terribly long and climax even though is really good looks forced.
On the whole a neat entertainer that has pandiraj stamp on it.

Rating: 3/5
KBKR – Take the ride.