Kodiveeran Movie Review, Sasikumar, Mahima Nambiar, Pasupathy

Kodi Veeran Movie Review

Sasikumar’s erstwhile collaboration with Muthaiah titled ‘Kutti Puli’ had its decent reception among family audiences. In fact, both their individuals in their respective panoramas have been stealing the hearts of rural cohorts. Now they are teaming up again for the film ‘Kodiveeran’. The film has an ensemble star-cast of Pasupathy, Sanusha, Mahima Nambiar, Vikram Sukumar, Viddarth, Bala Saravanan and many other prominent actors.

Set against the rural backdrops, the story revolves around bonding between three brothers and sisters from different walks of life. Sasikumar is so much fond and affectionate about his younger sister (Sanusha). Pasupathy has been just released after serving prison sentence for the murder he committed for his sister (Poorna) and brother-in-law. Then, there is Vikram Sukumar and Vikranth playing the elder brothers of Mahima Nambiar. The clashes and encounters among these families is narrated with emotional aspects.

Director Muthaiah has never failed

Director Muthaiah has never failed to connect with his audiences on an emotional note through his movies. This has been the earnest reason behind universal groups liking his film. The first half of this film proceeds with lively moments and it never looks like a running length of 75mins (approximately).  But there are some sluggish moments in the post-intermission episodes, which could have been either added up with some gripping elements or trimmed version. While the brother-sister bonding between Sasikumar and Sanusha works out at its best, we fail to connect well with Pasupathy-Poorna as they are thoroughly seen as antagonists… Vikram Sukumar has been offered with a strong and substantive role. His performance has been very well etched.

NR Raghunanthan delivers a power-packed background score that deliberately intensifies the depth of emotions. Not to miss the splendiferous cinematography of Kathir, who emphasizes a new tone through his cinematography.

On the whole, Kodiveeran offers a decent entertainment to its audiences. Apart from slightest diminishing elements like lengthy second half, there is nothing much bigger on the flip side.

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Verdict: Muthaiah brings yet another decorous family entertainer to lovers of his genre.