Naan Raja vagapogiren a debut venture of prithvi rajkumar  starring Nakul is one of those films that struggles with getting its genre right.

The movie opens with Jeeva( Nakul) meeting a military officer in Himachal Pradesh who happens to be a friend of jeeva’s look alike Raj(nakul again). The officer tells Jeeva about Raj and his life which captures Jeeva’s attention. He decides to take a journey to chennai to meet Raj. With an interesting line to work on the director seems to have lost his foot somewhere in the middle as the story concentrates more on Raj’s past. That’s where the screen play falls flat.
Nakul as Jeeva and Raj is good. As Raj he packs a punch and looks in good touch but as the timid Jeeva he overdoes the character in the name of innocence. The lead female Chandini gives an under par performance. Even in a scene where her dad and mom are killed she shows no emotions sadly. The second lead Avani modi is also equally bad and her dubsync is horrible.  Prithvi the director could have worked on the script more. To make things look real he gives us way to many unwanted scenes. Vetrimaran’s dialogues are very well written. GV’s music is not impressive at all and songs are just roadblocks in an already slow movie.
The major plus point of the movie is the subtlety with which prithvi and vetri spoke about various issues like the Ezham and the BT seeds issue. There is also a good dose of action. But with  poorly written scenes which lacks depth the movie never really captures your attention.
NRVP- 2/5 poorly executed.