Nenjil Thunivirundhaal Movie Review

Nenjil Thunivirundhaal Movie Review 

Suseenthiran is always conscious about couple of things while making a film. It involves social issues in the basic premise and is packaged with commercial elements to cater audiences of all groups. Glimpsing upon all his movies would give a clear evidence of it. Nenjil Thunivirundhal is one such flick that touches the criterion of both these aspects. The film features Sundeep Kishan, Mehreen and Vikranth in lead roles with Harish Uthaman, Soori and Sivabalan seen in important roles.

The film revolves around an innocent youngster (Sundeep Kishan), who has lost his father (T. Siva), a police constable due to a wrong surgery performed in a private hospital. His mother (Tulasi) and younger sister, a doctor by profession are his family now. He shares an unconditional bonding with his friends, especially Vikranth, who in turn is in love with younger sister. Things take a turn in the tale, when the city’s most dreaded goon (Harish Uthaman) hatches plan to kill Vikranth and Sundeep’s younger sister. What’s the mystery hidden behind this drama is revealed in the latter half of movie.

Starting off with performance, Sundeep Kishan has completely surrendered himself to director. His characterization is completely in contrast to what we saw him in Maanagaram. We can see the shades of innocence and softness prevailing in him throughout the show. Vikranth does complete justice to his role and he has matured a lot with his performance. Soori always manages to get a decent scope in Suseenthiran movies. Although, we don’t see him more humour from him, he has a good prominence. Harish Uthaman deserves special mention. Be his makeover or his performance, he has done a fantabulous work. Mehreen could have looked up for a better debut than this movie. In Telugu, we have seen her performing attention-grabbing roles, but over here, it’s too ordinary. She is hardly seen in the film with just a song and couple of dialogue oriented sequences.

When it comes to narration, Suseenthiran would usually prefer underplaying with the first hour and then get into gripping mode by latter part. He attempts to do the same here, but misses the momentum.  The first half seems to be completely out of focus from the actual premise and the real conflict happens lately in time. The suspense revealed by the last 20 minutes is an unexpected twist and the climax fight has been very well choreographed. D Imman has done his best to the film with songs and background. But songs don’t look much adhered to the screenplay though.

As on whole, Nenjil Thunivirundhaal holds a good plot based on friendship and social issue, but it misses to score the best on narrative part. With a sluggish and too tedious first, the second half tries to save the film to certain extent.

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Verdict: An appreciable plot but packaged with flimsy writing